I've been working in Processing language for a while, and here is my first visual attractive script - was made in 2012. Is kinda simple and attractive. Done this by mixing code from a few examples of the book 'Learning Processing' from Daniel Shiffman, that is a cool start and very explicit 'bible' to learn Processing.

You can easly learn Processing, if you are familiar with C like language such as C++, PHP, etc.

Read more to see the script :)

Finally Online!

It's been a while since my website is down (for real 4/5 years). Plenty of reasons: first stopped vjing for 4 years, day job and personal life took some of my time and finally one of the main reasons - I actually didn't have a path or what i wanted to do with my own site.

So here it is, the main purpose of the site is to show some of my work - in many fields such as: web development (my main core), visual arts, processing, arduino, raspberry, and many more, many of them as an hobbyist. This first glimpse will contain some dev work and some news, some of them stuff I think are relevant in the technology field - for the future will contain some jobs i did in web development and some photography.

So hope you enjoy and follow my posts :)

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